Begin 2010 I started the website, together with Chris Cheetham (with Max Heinimann writers of European River Sea Ships books) and some shipping enthousiast. The underlying goal was to photograph and collect relevant and reliable data from European sea and river vessels. The areas were mainly focussed on the Dutch and English waters and rivers Rhine, Rhône and Seine. In addition, a start was made with the fleet overviews of several shipping companies, which specialize in sea-river shipping. In the end it became a kind of digital sequel to the European River Sea Ships books.

The end of

After Chris passed away, there was less and less feedback on the data and due to other priorities on my side, the website was updated less and less often. Because there were still thousands of visitors to the site every month, I still kept online. In the summer of 2023 I decide after more then 12.5 years to stop with the website. The reason for this was the enormously increased costs for web hosting and the incompleteness and increasing amount of incorrect data. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed and visited in any way over the years.

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But: has not completely disappeared from the internet! It can still be found in Archive.orgincluding fleet lists and data (long loading times, some patience is required).